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Project on Birdwood Rd, Cambridge reached the final in the LABC Best Extension of the Year Award

We significantly expanded the original semidetached house through this carefully designed extension, effectively doubling its size. Beyond the addition of two extra bedrooms (one of the original first floor rooms could hardly be referred to as a bedroom due to its very small size), we reconfigured the ground floor to create several valuable ancillary spaces. These include a utility room, cloakroom, study, two additional bathrooms, and ample communal areas.

The extension was meticulously planned to ensure that natural light reaches every corner inside the house. This thoughtful approach resulted in a flexible layout that caters to various living and privacy preferences.

Our design process commenced four months prior to obtaining planning consent, which was granted without any conditions attached. This period encompassed all necessary preliminary consultations. The client was able to move into their transformed home just eight months later. The three-story, sleek design stands in striking contrast to the surrounding area, making it a unique addition. The interior blends seamlessly with the surrounding beautifully landscaped garden giving credit to the Client for trusting State of Design's long term vision for their home and fully committing to its implementation.

Despite effectively doubling the home's size, the extension seamlessly blends into the neighborhood, avoiding issues like overlooking or overbearing structures. The planners were enthusiastic about endorsing this playful and beautifully proportioned design.

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