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NEW: Meetings in VR

The pandemic revolutionized the way businesses engage with clients, consultants, and employees. Virtual meetings via platforms like Zoom, Teams, and various AV solutions became the norm.

State of Design was at the forefront of this shift, utilizing virtual reality for years to provide top-tier 3D visualizations to clients, consultants, builders, and local authorities. Now, they take it a step further, enabling clients to virtually meet with architects within their envisioned homes or extensions before construction begins. Importantly, this service is now accessible without expensive hardware or intricate setups, thanks to a strategic partnership with an innovative American software developer.

Furthermore, State of Design is actively collaborating with their partner to enhance the software and streamlining their internal processes. This effort aims to extend the benefits of this technology to builders for regular on-site use during construction.

Despite these advancements, State of Design continues to welcome clients in their Lensfield Rd office and the nearby Hot Numbers, recognizing the enduring value of face-to-face interactions over a cup of delicious tea or coffee :)


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