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NEW: Meetings in VR

The pandemic has changed the way in which many practices do business or collaborate with their Clients, consultants and even their own employees by holding meetings remotely over Zoom, Teams or one of the numerous other AV platforms that have mushroomed over the last year or so.

While State of Design has been using virtual reality for several years now to offer clients, consultants, builders and local authorities top-notch 3D visualisation of their designs, it has now gone one step further by offering clients the ability to meet the architect in VR, inside the house or extension of their dreams well before being built. Furthermore, thanks to its partnership with a visionary American software developer, State of Design can now offer this service to its clients without the need for over-priced hardware or devices that require cabled connections to highly powered machines that only computer geeks would be able to use on a regular basis. In addition to this, State of Design is also working hard both with its partner to improve the software and internally to streamline its workflow so that, in the near future, builders too will be able to benefit from this amazing technology on site during construction on a regular basis.

Of course, once the pandemic is over, State of Design will continue to welcome its clients in their Lensfield Rd office or the fantastic Hot Numbers just across the road just as before, as there is nothing quite like a good chat over a real cup of tea or coffee :)

A blast from the past
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