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We often produce our own interior design schemes. We are not stuck with a particular style. We have designed both classical and ultra-modern interiors or interiors which seamlessly blend particular styles with modern technology, giving them a fresh and unmistakingly contemporary feel. As in the case of our numerous encounters with theatre design, moods are often more important than styles and in most cases it is the desired moods that drive our interior designs as well as the need for natural light and pragmatism. But ultimately, we naturally work within our Clients preferences.


We design furniture to seamlessly blend in your environment and, with the help of specialized manufacturers whom we have worked with in the past, we ensure that the final product meets your expectations by addressing all your senses while also being practical.We are always happy to work with our Clients' specialist advisers or we can put together our own team. We are conversant with several cutting-edge drafting and visualization technologies for maximum integration with our consultants infrastructure.


As well as imaginatively using immersive 3D computer visualization, we love working with life-sized samples and mockups to give our Clients the chance to experience the closest interaction with the final outcome as early in the project as possible.

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