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Since its creation in 2000, State of Design have designed the sets and/or publicity for numerous productions, ranging from Classical Greek through Shakespeare and Calderon, to Expressionist, Absurdist and contemporary Theatre of Cruelty while working with both professional and amateur theatrical companies in the UK and France. State of Design has developed a reputation for quick mobilization of local development joint ventures towards efficiently delivering daring interior and theatrical set designs as well as striking and memorable multimedia publicity campaigns.


Over the years, we have developed a large database of products and suppliers in various parts of the country with specific emphasis on Cambridge and London. We also have access to several workshops in these areas, enabling us to take on the occasional task of building smaller but complex theatrical sets in-house should the need arise, as well as designing them.For a fully integrated design service, we often team up with costume and lighting designers whom we have worked with in the past and have achieved great results.


- Steven Berkoff, The Fall of the House of Usher- Coincidence Theatre / Paris

- T. Williams, Streetcar Named Desire - REDS, Accent European Theatre / Cambridge, Paris

- B. Koltes, Roberto Zucco - ADC / Cambridge, Paris, Lyon

- Shakespeare, Macbeth - Dreyden Society / Cambridge

- Shakespeare, Richard III - Coincidence Theatre, ADC / Cambridge, Paris, Lyon

- J. Barton, Tantalus - Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Brickhouse / Cambridge

- D. Thomas, Under Milk Wood - ADC / Cambridge

- J. Bartsch, The Child Killer - Lebenstraum Theatre, ZOOvenues / Edinburgh

- A. Bennett, Habeas Corpus - ADC / Cambridge

- Calderon, Life is a Dream - REDS / Cambridge

- S. Kane, Psychosis - Pembroke Players, Cambridge

- Euripides, Medea - Lebenstraum Theatre / Cambridge- Aristophanes, Lysistrata - CADS / Cambridge

- S. Gantillon, Maya - The Gate / Cambridge, London

- S. Glaspell, A Woman's Honour - Actors' Touring Company / Cambridge, London

- E. Rice, The Adding Machine - Northampton Theatre / Cambridge, London

- Yeats, On Baille's Strand - Context Theatre / Cambridge, London

- E. Toller, Hoppla - Context Theatre / Cambridge, London

- Ionesco, Scene a Quatre - Les Trois Coups / Cambridge

- Ionesco, Avenir est dans les Oeufs - Les Trois Coups / Cambridge

- Ionesco, Exercises de Conversation Francaise - Les Trois Coups / Cambridge


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