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Not so ordinary extension in Addenbrooks area

This is an extension to a 1950's detached house just off Fendon Road , Cambridge. While the extension quadruples the area of original house, great effort went into ensuring that it does so in the least intrusive way possible to its neighbours and the rest of the street. The geometry of the extension was very carefully sculpted right from the start with view to minimising overshadowing and overbearing of adjacent properties while also making the new building not appear particularly oversized from the public domain. The curved side wall and roof ensures that whichever angle the extension is looked at from, it does not appear to 'get too close' to the adjacent neighbour while also minimising the loss of direct sunlight to these neighbours, and the two staggered gable ends facing the rear garden have been recessed and angled in such a way as to achieve the same effect without losing the integrity of the whole design. The contemporary looking extension 'hugs' the original building on one side without overwhelming it or degrading its charm or scale.


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