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New house-garden integration in Castle Conservation Area, Cambridge

This recently completed project in Castle Conservation Area, Cambridge brings new integration of house and garden using local stone and cutting edge steel and glass fabrication technologies as part of major refurbishment.

Clipsham stone was used to build both the cantilevered stone treads to the elliptical stair and numerous other garden features and finishes. The steel staircase was precisely engineered to perfectly blend into both new and existing house and garden features. The steel stair with its crafted perforated cantilevered treads serves a carefully considered sun shading role throughout the day and maximises the usability of the basement area in relation to the basement and ground floors of the building.

The new basement kitchen is now beautifully lit throughout the day through the newly expanded basement area while the stair creates a beautiful sense of continuity of the basement and the garden. Crittall steel doors open up into the basement area for further seamless integration of the inside and out.

The themes of openness and light are continued throughout the house to provide maximum daylight, flexibility of usage and a sense of unique identity without compromising the character of the original Victorian house.

Bathrooms, utility and ancillary spaces were give an equal amount of attention and detailing care to maximise space, practicality, efficiency, light and to create a pleasant environment at every turn.


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