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Pre-Christmas Architectural Design Consultations in Cambridge 2024

Unlock your home design dreams before Christmas through advice from experienced architects at our fee-free in-person consultations event

Pre-Christmas Fee-free Architectural Design Consultations by State of Design

To mark the festive season, for the fortnight before Christmas on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we are offering unique opportunities to get fee-free expert advice on your architectural projects!

Our one-hour, in-person consultations will be held at 69A Lensfield Rd, Cambridge, UK.

Whether you're planning an extension, home renovation or dreaming of a new building, State of Design will be available to provide an initial personalized consultation without a fee. Don't miss this chance to discuss your ideas with experienced architects, explore design possibilities, and gain valuable insights. Select your time slot and get ready to bring your architectural visions to life!


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