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Consent for complete refurbishment and basement extension in central Cambridge conservation area

Skinny Victorian terrace house on Herford St granted planning consent for substantial refurbishment and basement extension. Situated on a slope, the garden will be given a completely new meaning as beautiful elliptic and circular shapes intersect with each-other to generate new basement spaces and fluid connection routes between garden and house levels. Cantilevered stone steps will link the basement level to the mid-garden while a beautifully engineered and laser cut steel and glass elliptical stair seamlessly continues the journey to the house's first floor across a glass landing. The geometries employed were driven by the sun path with view to maximise daylight and provide just the right amount of shading when and where needed. The basement of the original building was gutted out and external walls removed to bring more light in through beautiful full-height slender framed Crittal doors and to optimise the internal space layout. Living rooms open into mezzanines across bridges with glass balustrades lit from above through giant rooflights carefully considered and orientated to also provide automated gentle ventilation through the house without causing overheating. raised floors create much needed headroom in living spaces below while defining snugs above for cozy reading or a good night's sleep. Etc.

A blast from the past
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